All About Mascara - Volumising Mascaras

In my last post I gave a short rundown on all the lengthening mascaras I own. So as promised I’m following up with a rundown of all the volumising mascaras I have. Personally I do prefer lengthening mascaras as said in my previous post linked here, therefore this post won’t include many of my current favourite although there are some mascaras mentioned that I think are great depending on your preferences.

First is the Maybelline One By One which isn’t talked about a lot but was one of my favourites despite being a volumising mascara. It separates lashes whilst adding volume however there are occasional clumps when using this.
Next is the Clinique High Impact which I dislike greatly. The brush itself is average and does add volume however the formula smudges with any contact whether it be water or just your fingers.

The YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils is something new to my collection but from what I have gathered it is pretty good volumising wise and the wand is pretty standard.

The Revlon Lash Potion is another old favourites - it adds tons of volume and is said to make your lashes grow in the long term which is also a bonus (although I haven’t noticed any differences after using it daily).

I was very excited to try the Maybelline Falsies Drama mascara due multiple great reviews. This mascara was a massive disappointment for me mainly because of the amount of clumps it coated my lashes with. The wand is very bouncy (alike the L’OrĂ©al Miss Manga mascara) so I couldn’t feel like I was really getting every lash from the root.

I’ve only tried two mascaras from Bourjois but the Volume Max was something I was impressed with. It is very volumising and doesn’t leave clumps (although that may be what many think due to the size of the huge brush).

On the other hand the Volume Clubbing mascara isn’t a favourite of mine. It didn’t do anything special to my lashes, just left random specks of glitter after attempting to removing it. However if you are a fan of super clumpy and voluminous I advise you try this out.

So that is it for all my mascaras. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading. If you like these collection and quick reviews let me know so I can do more.


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