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After rummaging and reorganising my makeup I have realised I have accumulated quite the mascara collection. When it comes to mascara I am extremely picky, unlike how I am with blushes or eyeshadow. In this post I will giving you the rundown on all the lengthening mascaras I own- (there will also be another blog post all about volumising mascaras).

First of is one of my first ever mascaras. When I was first starting out with makeup I was on a budget so I decided to buy the Collection Killer Curves Mascara. I began to like this a lot despite how dry the formula was. I didn’t wear much makeup back them so I wanted a natural look and this was perfect. I liked this so much I even bought it in the waterproof version, however now I never reach for this product because it’s so dry due to the formula and the age of this product.

Next is a 17 mascara I got in a Christmas gift set (this product is discontinued). I don’t tend to reach for this but it’s your standard lengthening mascara it will do the job but not satisfy everyones needs.
The MUA Lash Boom was one of my favourites a few years ago and I still like it. The ball like tip is perfect for getting into the inner and outer corner lashes and it gives a natural looking lash effect therefore perfect for school since it’s also only £3.

The Benefit They’re Real is one everyone has and knows of and that is simply because it’s one of the best. It gives a voluminous and extremely lengthening look without clumps.

Maybelline are very well known when to comes to drugstore mascaras (or budget makeup in general). I have tried a few of their mascaras but I’ve got to say that The Rocket Mascara is by far my favourite. It is also one of my top mascaras EVER. The waterproof formula stays on without smearing and the wand allows you to get into the roots and coat every lash.

On the other hand, Rimmel isn’t known for their mascaras however the Lash Accelerator seemed to fit my preferences mascara wise. The wand is plastic and the bristles were short and the product was advertised as a lengthening mascara- so I gave it a go. I do like the wand and the application but the formula lets it down. This mascara would smudge and smear all over the place so that factor alone makes me not reach for this mascara often.

Finally I have the Benefit Rollerlash Mascara which is somewhat new. The brush is plastic and curved and also has short spikey bristles; which is what drew me in. In my opinion this is a great mascara for separating and lengthening and many say likewise.

So that is it for lengthening mascaras. The next blog post will be a follow up to this and will contain and rundown of all the volumising mascaras that I own.

Thank you for reading! Comment which mascaras you've tried and which ones you like.


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