Dear January...

Long-time no blog. Since starting school again it has been a repeated and exhausting cycle of waking up at 6:30 am, struggling to keep awake for 17 hours then going back to bed. With school it can be extremely difficult to fit blogging and having fun into a schedule; but here I am.

2014 has been a total blur, to be honest all I really remember is bouncing off the walls after winning a battle of fighting for 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction concert tickets, with that in mind 2015 is bound to be a great year.

You may be thinking ‘Why is Lauryn rambling on about concert tickets for bands aimed at teen girls?’ but I've decided to rename my previous series 'Life Lately’ to Dear [insert month]. This is a chance for me to really catch up and reflect on the month. I should be posting one every month however it is just full of school or me lounging at home in my pyjamas I may skip that month for you guys’ sake.

This month has been pretty busy so far, as I mentioned I started school again and I've seriously been editing my blog so that you (my readers) will enjoy reading my content better. I love blogging and I’m not just saying that, I like having a place that I can express my love for beauty (that sounded super cheesy and cliché) but it’s the truth.

I cannot wait for what 2015 contains as well as all the new experiences (seeing my favourite bands live).

Lauryn xx

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