Hey everyone!

This is the first hairspiration (hair inspiration) post I’m doing here on my blog, and recently I’ve totally been crushing on Selena Gomez’s hair. It’s not her new hair, as she recently had a fringe cut, but it was the hair style she had roughly a year ago.

Most of the pictures here are her with straight hair, which is what I’m going for because I very rarely am bothered to curl my hair. In the pictures I’ve chosen she has straight hair with some extreme layers. Although I wasn’t brave enough to go with such layers I did get my hair cut with inspirations from these pictures.

I also saw a photo of Selena with loose waves and thought they looked amazing. Im going to attempt to curl my hair so the results will look like Selena’s, but I’m hopeless at doing my hair.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, thanks for reading. Do you want me to do more post like this?


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