A Year of Blogging

Hey everyone!

A lot can happen in a year. This time last year I had uploaded my very first blog post. Although I’m still young (only 13) I feel like that my blog has grown a lot and after watching endless amounts of YouTube videos on makeup, hair and fashion and reading, what feels like, every single beauty blog I think I have learnt a lot not only beauty and fashion wise but with writing skills. English was never my strongest subject, in fact I think it’s my weakest, but I wanted to start a blog and express my love for makeup and fashion as well as practising writing. I have learnt and grown so much and that’s all thanks to you guys. It may sound cheesy but I wouldn’t be here without you. Even if 1 person read my blog posts I still would have carried on knowing that someone enjoys the content I write.

I’m really thankful to you guys reading this right now and hope the next year my blog will grow even more than it already has.


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