Wearable Kendall Jenner Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!
I cannot remember the last time I did a tutorial so today I’m going to do one that’s inspired by Kendall Jenner however; Kendall does wear a lot of makeup for an everyday makeup look so I’ve decided to make this look a little more wearable for an everyday makeup routine.

I first start off with a primer and some foundation and I’m using a light weight foundation because my skin is starting to clear up and we are going to be focusing on contouring. I then go and conceal any blemishes that are still visible along with my under eye circles too.

Next I’m going to define my eyebrows and making them slightly more arched and sharper than I usually do. To make them even more defined and arched I’m going to put a highlight colour on my brow bone.
Moving onto eyes, Kendall doesn’t wear much eye shadow so I’m just sticking with a neutral shade all over the lid and of course I apply mascara and that is it for the eyes.

For the rest of my face, I start to powder with an oil absorbing powder and following up with a warm toned bronzer to make me look a little more tanned like Kendall. Like the Kardashians Kendall likes A LOT of contour and I just used a brush and a cool toned contour colour, and I just put this in the hollows of my cheeks (and make sure to blend this out!).

I’m going to be highlighting the bridge of my nose and my cheekbones to really make them stand out and add more dimension to my face. Finally, for my lips I just patted on some red lip stain.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! Would you like anymore celebrity makeup inspired tutorials?


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