Sun Protection

Hey everyone!

Now that we are in summer and many of us are on holiday or going to go on holiday very soon, I’ve decided that not enough of us (including me) are using sun screen and the correct SPF.

Sunscreen protects us from UVA and UVB rays that are from the sun. Too much exposure to the sun can cause aging and will increase risk of skin cancer along with many other things.

UVA sun rays are long and damages underlining skin cells. Did you know 90% of wrinkles are from UVA rays but it takes 20-30 years till you see the damage. These rays can penetrate through clouds so it is recommended that you still wear sun screen on a cloudy day.

UVB rays are shorter and are what gives us tans and sun burns; it’s not as potent as UVA but can still cause skin cancer.

There are loads of ways to help prevent the damages from UVA and UVB and I’m sure you’ve hear A LOT of them.
1. Stay out of the sun for long periods
2. Stay in the shade or wear sun hats (they aren’t here just for fashion purposes)

3. Wear SPF (Sun Protection Factor) many foundations and makeup protects such as foundation and lip balm have SPF so it’s easy for you to be protected. Some moisturisers also have SPF which is very helpful.

Sometimes choosing the correct sunscreen can be difficult but something very important is the SPF number. I used to be very confused with Woking out how long each SPF would protect me for but this is how you work it out:
SPF 15- 150 mins
SPF 20- 200 mins
SPF 25- 250 mins
SPF 30- 300 mins
(Tip- make sure you buy sunscreen that protects from UVA AND UVB)

There are two types of sunscreen:
1.       The first is chemical sun screens; they absorb the sunrays and acts as a sponge. They have a natural finish and won’t leave a white cast so doesn’t appear in photos. It is also very lightweight therefore perfect for those who like me hate the feeling of heavy sunscreen(may affect those with sensitive skin)

2.       Physical shields deflect or blocking sunrays white cast or streaking not as much UVA protection as chemical recommended for those with sensitive skin

I hope you liked this blog post leave a comment saying what you would like to read on Saturday or on Wednesday. Thanks for reading!

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