MUA Blush Review

Hey everyone!

I recently bought two blushes from MUA seeing as I don’t own many.

The shades I bought were: Bon bon and Bubble gum, bon bon is a dusky, muted pink whereas Bubble gum is very bright so you have to be light handed with this. The pigmentation of these blushes are shocking for £1. They are super creamy and bendable and look really natural on the skin, and not make you look like a clown. The shade range isn’t fantastic but it’s good enough for me.

Top- Bubble gum
Bottom- Bon bon

Overall I think these are fantastic blushes and are similar to sleek blushes, not to mention the price difference. The only down side to this product is the packaging, although I think it doesn’t look cheap it feels cheap and as if it could very easily break. You should definitely pick these up and try them because I personally think they are some of the best blushes I’ve tried.

Have you tried these blushes?

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