My Hair Care Routine

Hey everyone!
So now that summer is finally here (although it doesn’t look like it here in the UK) that means that there will be lots of swimming and hair curling to get those beachy waves but sometimes we can forget about how healthy your hair really is.

So my hair care routine is really quick, simple and easy. I normally wash my hair every other day because washing your hair everyday may wash away all your natural hair oils causing it to become dry and weak. First I like to wash my hair with the Aussie colour mate shampoo and condition with the Treseme colour revitalising conditioner but I not too bothered about conditioner as long as it does the job. Also I like to do a hair mask every one or two weeks to really lock in moisture to prevent those split ends.

After I've washed my hair I like to let it air dry so when I blow dry my hair it isn’t dripping wet. So after I’ve waited about half an hour I will spray my hair with a heat protectant and this is the Treseme heat defence styling spray. I usually just rough dry my hair and then comb through with a paddle brush. After that I like to use the L’Oreal elvive extraordinary oil, you can use this before or after blow drying hair but a helpful tip is to do it after because when your hair is still wet it is saturated therefore cannot absorb the oil as well as if your hair was dry.
So this is I normally use, really simple like I said right? Share your favourite hair products in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


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