Beauty Haul

Hey everyone!
So I recently did some shopping (again) because I felt that I was getting very bored of my makeup and as summer is finally here I thought I would change my makeup look slightly and make my makeup look a little more natural for the warmer months.

So for nails I bought three nail polishes. Two are from Revlon and they are: Sweet Tart (pink) and Blue Lagoon (blue). I also bought a Rimmel Space Dust in Aurora.

For my eyes I bought two Rimmel Eye shadow Glam Eyes Quads and they are in the shades Smokey Brun and Beauty Spells, and to be honest I’m quite disappointed in the pigmentation of these but the shades are beautiful.

I also got a L’Oreal Glam Shine Miss Candy Lip Gloss in Tart Lollipop and this is amazing. It gives a very sheer amount of colour but stays on the lips for much longer than a regular lip gloss.

I also picked up three of the NYC Applelicious glossy lip balms in the shades: Big Apple Red, Applelicious Pink and Caramel Apple. I am really enjoying these for a natural yet moisturising tint on the lips, they are also super affordable.

So that is everything that I bought, although I didn’t buy much I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!


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