Recent Favourites

Hey everyone!
So recently I’ve just been sticking to my usual skin care and makeup routine so I don’t have many beauty products, however do have a few jewellery and hair accessories that I have recently been loving.

First I have the Garner Micellar cleansing water which I got whilst it was on an introducing offer so it was only about £2.99 and it’s actually really good! It removes all my makeup and is super gentle. I’ve watched videos and read review about this product and loads of people have said its almost as good as Bioderma but I sadly don’t own any so I cannot compare the two.
Next I have a Barry M nail polish which is actually a limited edition over I think Christmas time but I’m sure you can find this online somewhere. But this is the BEST glitter nail polish I have ever tried. All you need is one maybe two coats of a opaque coat of glitter.
I cannot believe I havent tried the 'They're Real' mascara earlier but I love this mascara is amazing it gives volume and length and also separates amazingly. There are also bristles on the tip so you can really get into those inner and outer corner lashes, but I’m sure you’ve heard loads about this mascara already as it’s voted the UKs bestselling mascara.

I’ve been loving wearing jewellery especially things with flowers on them as they are super on trend so here I have a flower scrunchie to put around buns and top-knots which I think is sooo cute, this is from Primark and was only £1.50. I have another one with daisies but Primark has quite a large variety to choose from.
Like I said flowers are really on trend so I also have this really cool gold chain but what I love about it is that it has daisies on it!! This is the favourite pieceof jewelry    and I’m sure I will be wearing this non sop during the summer too.
Next I have this super cute pastel pink ring I got from Forever 21. I think this was about £2-3 pounds and it goes with everything.

And to go to the ring I’ve been loving this pastel pink patent cross-body bag I also got from Forever 21 and I think it was only about £25. It is very compact and i can fit alot in here without it going bulky.
So those are all the items that i have been living recently. I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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