Bold lip colours?

Hey everyone!
So as I’ve promised I’m now back! And back for good this time, all my exams and holidays are over so I can now focus on my blog.
I will be doing a separate Dubai and Hong Kong photo diary but today I wanted to do a beauty post.

So as you probably know bold lip colours are always in during this season of the year however, they can be frustrating to maintain because none of us EVER want to be walking around with coal lipstick on their teeth.
There are two main steps to have the perfect bold lip colour.

Do you suit bold colours- even if it is out of your comfort zone you will never know if you don’t try. Maybe buy a cheap lipstick and see if it works on you. You might end up loving it. Also not everyone suits bold lip colours, especially if you have very full plump lips, then it can be a little overwhelming and you may just suit nudes or pale pinks because it doesn’t match your skin tone

Find the perfect shade for you- according to your skin tone and lip shape, colours can look completely look different they can make you look bold and confident or like you've just dug out your favourite lipstick from the 90s.

Tip- don’t go overboard with blush. Ok- ok it is spring/summer but if you choose to do a bright coral lip and pair it with a coral blush it is most likely to look a little too colourful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post! What suits you? Comment below!

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