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Hey everyone so I know I know it’s been a while… a long while since I last updated regularly but I am trying to update my blog at least every Saturday if not every Wednesday too but today I wanted to show you what I ordered from iherb quite a while ago.
So I got things from just Real Techniques and elf and from real techniques got:
Blush brush- this is much bigger than I expected even though I have watched and read reviews on this but I really like using this to powder.
Shading brush- I LOVE this brush it’s one of the best brushes I own. It’s perfect for packing on colour or using to do a cut-crease.
Duo fibre collection- to be honest I was majorly disappointed with this although it was about £15 I feel like these brushes don’t put any product on. The only brush that I like is the contour brush, I like this because it doesn’t apply too much product and it is the perfect size.
And from elf I got:
The famous blush and bronzer duo in St Lucia- I was really surprised with this as the pigmentation is sooo good and the colours are perfect for my skin tone.
Mineral powder brush- I really like this for buffing and blending my blush and bronzer when I’ve finished doing makeup
Blush brush- I originally bought this to try and apply bronzer with but after I washed it, it started to lose its domed shape so I decided I would use it for blush and this is what I now use it for and I really like it but I feel like I need something out to help blend the blusher out
Eye contouring brush- I use this brush for applying colour to my crease, but I don’t feel like this is and essential to my brush kit.
So that is everything I got from iherb. Considering the package came from America it came pretty quickly it came, I think 2 weeks after I ordered it but the process was terrible. I found out that I have to pay over £12 for DHL for postage and packaging and I was shocked when they told me because I didn’t expect any extra charges but that is just a warning to anyone who wants to order anything from iherb from the UK.
Thanks so much for reading, I will try and update as regularly as possible!

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