Travel Toiletries Bag

 Hey everyone!
So this is another travel related post and it my travel toiletries and this was for roughly three days so I dint bring much. So the bag I had was from Superdrug, although it wasn’t the sturdiest it was waterproof and wasn’t too bulky.

So first I have some cotton buds and my morning face wash which is the garnier pure active fruit energy daily energising gel scrub, I really like this to remove oil on my skin in the morning. Next I have ,my trio I got for Christmas and it’s the simple moisturiser, facial wash and toner which I decided to try out even though it was a risky decision as it could have broken me out but thankfully it didn’t. And lastly I just have some cotton pads.
To shower with I just have the Aussie colour matte shampoo which I featured in my recent empties post, and the L’Oreal elive shine conditioner which I like but isn’t the best I have tried. Lastly I have an old body shop coconut shower gel.
Then I just have a few random hair ties and gripes along with a flannel to dry my face with.
And also I want to apologise in advance if I miss or if my posts aren’t as good as they normally are, but the reason for this is I have a ballet exam and a three dance shows all in the same week so sorry if I don’t quite update as much but it will only be for a few weeks!

Thanks for reading!!


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