Recent Empties

Hey everyone!
So recently my bag of empty bottles and cans had been starting to overfill so I decided that I would do a recent empties post.
So first of all I used up the I love… strawberries and milkshake body wash. I’ve been using this for a long time, trying to use it up and I finally have this has last me ages and I think it lathered and washed me really well but I’m not too fond of the scent as it can be a little overwhelming and sickly. Next I have the Nivea double effect deodorant, this is what I always use and I love it so I will definitely repurchase this. I also finished another batiste dry shampoo; I love to use these if I’m feeling a little lazy or if my hair is just feeling a little flat. I’ve been trying this new Aussie colour mate shampoo and after finishing the bottle I have to say I REALLY like it. This leaves my hair squeaky clean and smells soooo fresh and clean it’s hard to explain but I love this especially for my coloured hair. Speaking of colour hair I also used up the TRESemme colour protective conditioner, I’m going to admit I didn’t finish this all by myself but I used up the majority of it and I really like this and will repurchase this again.
Now moving on to beauty I’ve used up two packs of the simple makeup wipes which are in pretty much every recent empties so I don’t need to say any more about that. I also finished two face masks from Superdrug. First it’s the cucumber cooling clay mask which I really didn’t like and the tropical cocktail peel off mask which I liked to used just for on and around my nose to clean my pores.
The other day I was going through my nail polishes and realised I have a lot of old gloopy ones that I will never use because of what state they are in and I decided to throw a few away. Surprisingly they were all from Barry M (probably because I loved Barry M when I first starting to love nail polish) but these have lasted me a good 3 years and I really love them but I don’t think I’m too fond of their lighter shades because they aren’t opaque enough but I know I will be repurchasing them (colours from left to right: shocking pink, pink flamingo, blueberry and berry.)
Then I have a garnier face wash which I like to use to remove my makeup at the end of the day and have already repurchased and the Olay regenerists cleaner which I really like but I don’t feel like it did much cleaning wise for my skin. I also used up the Nivea soft moisturiser which I love for my hands in the winter because they get so dry and the formula of this is nice and thick so I use it before I go to bed and a Nivea hydro care lip balm which I want to repurchase and I think is better than the original essentials one. From Nivea I also decided that my eye makeup remover should be thrown away too because it was getting old and I really didn’t like it because it left a horrible oily residue on my eyes.
So that is everything that I have finished the last two months I hope you enjoy check back here to my blog every Wednesday and Saturday for a new blog post!!


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