Quick and Easy DIY beauty

We all want to be a little more eco-friendly and save some pennies while we do that, a great way to do this is to try and make some of your beauty products yourself, some of my skin saviours come in the form of a bit of DIY-ing and I thought I would share with you some of my favourites.

in not really in to DIY beauty products as although they are (alot) cheaper than going out and buying actual products it's a lot of effort to make them every time you use them unless and when you do make batches they normally go off so you can no longer use them. This isn't an extensive list of tons of different thing you can try out but its a couple of DIY's that i've tried and tested and love.

The Oat Cleanser - For the people who are in a rush and just can't be bothered to mix up a lot of ingredients every time you want to cleanse your face this is the thing for you. This is my favourite DIY and something that I swear by. This is a little complicated so read carefully - take a handful of oats in your hand, put some warm water over them until they get soft and the water goes milky, then put it on your face. No but seriously it is so simple and I feel like it really helps my skin a lot. The oats also exfoliate your face a bit so if you struggle with harsh exfoliators this will be good. Sometimes I will add some honey and natural yoghurt to the mix which helps tighten pores and brighten skin.

Honey and Brown Sugar Body Scrub - Just mix these two together and it works as a great body or facial 
scrub. I personally don't use this on my face as it is a deep exfoliating scrub and putting sugar on my face probably wouldn't help it at all however it's a lovely body scrub. The honey moisturises the skin while the sugar gets all of the nasty flaky skin off.

Those are my favourite beauty DIY's, as I said I am not massively into it so these are the only two I have for you right now.
Thanks for reading! Do you know any beauty DIYs?

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