Recent Favs

Hey everyone!
I’m so sorry my recent posts have been pretty boring and I haven’t posted on Wednesdays for quite a long time but the reason is because I’ve had A LOT of school work and test, but I promise there will be better and more posts up very soon!
Anyway today I wanted to do my recent favourites. So first of all I’ve been loving the garnier simply essentials toner. I stopped using my previous Clearasil one because I heard that having alcohol in toners just makes your skin worse and I wanted a more gentle toner because felt that the other one was also too harsh and drying on the skin. However this one is great its super natural and gentle on the skin and it’s like water! But it does clean my skin leaving no oily residues.
The next item is something that I got for Christmas and it’s the ralph lauren big pony number 2 perfume. This smell amazing I think it’s definitely what I usually go for because it sweet and girly scented. I think this lasts really long as well, I find that a lot of perfumes wear away after about 4 hours.

I also have the benefit they’re real mascara and I cannot believe I have tried this earlier! It’s fantastic it separates my lashes and gives them volume and length but the only thing I don’t like about it is that they make my lashes seem really flaky but apart from that this is probably the best mascara I have EVER tried!

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