Manchester Photo Diary Day 2

Hey everyone!
So if you haven’t already read my Manchester photo diary day 1 you can click here and read it. We started off the day with a lay in and that was great seeing as we had a long day the day before. We went for some Chinese dim sum down before walking down deansgate to MOSI (museum of science and industry), and to be honest I thought that in general the museum was pretty boring because I’m not really into trains and planes and the invention of cotton but it did have loads of really cool activities for younger kids. After that we were sort of left walking around thinking of a place to go as we left the museum earlier than we had planned, so we decided to go to the cinema and watch the film Jack Ryan. Personally I thought the film was pretty good and I recommend it if you enjoy actions movies. Next we went to china town and went to Try Thai, this I really recommend. Inside it was beautifully decorated and the food was amazing, they have a selection of teas which as they brew a follower blooms, I thought it was really cool and the actual tea was really nice. We then went to Wasabi a desert room and I had a cream soda bubble tea. This was the first time I had ever tried a bubble tea, I thought it was alright but the jelly like balls at the bottom was something I wasn’t too fond of. And that was all that we did on the second day of my trip to Manchester.
Watch out for the third and final photo diary coming up next week!


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