Taylor swift wonderstruck perfume review

I recently picked up the Taylor Swift wonderstruck perfume 50ml from boots as it was only £16.99. Even though I don’t love Taylor Swift and her music I think that this perfume smells amazing. It’s a sweet and floral scented perfume. It can be hard to describe scents but it is almost fruity as I can smell a hint of raspberry faintly. This is a very magical perfume, hence the name wonderstruck and the theme.
The packaging I really love its purple with a multi coloured shine and they have made it so that if you hold it up by the light you can see how much there is left in the bottle which is really helpful.
I really love this perfume; I love the scent as well as the packaging. The price is reasonable but is very cheap compared to some designer brands such as LancĂ´me and Dior.
I really recommend this perfume but to slightly younger people such as teens like me.

have you tried this perfume? 

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