Recent Empties

Hey everyone so today I know I’m supposed to do a recent favourites but I’ve finished a lot of products recently and my bag of empty products started to really fill up.

So first I have the herbal essences ignite my colour shampoo that I have mention loads of times before, I’ve also finished the soap and glory scrub ‘em and leave ‘em , I really liked this it exfoliated really well but you need a lot of it to get a decent result. Next I have my Angle perfume sample that I tried and fell in love with but its super expensive and I don’t think I want to spend about £60 for a small sized perfume. L I also finished the Superdrug nail polish remover which was alright its chap and does the job but it was nothing really that special.
Next up I have finished two packets of the simple makeup wipes and a Superdrug exfoliating mask. I really like this one it’s one of my favourite face masks but I can’t find many in drugstores. If you have any recommendations please leave a comment below on what you use and like. Then I have the Natural collection loose power which I finally finished after a long time I don’t particularly like this because I’ve now found a new favourite which is the Rimmel stay matte power which is amazing. I also have the witch blemish stick which is one of my all-time favourite products for spots. Then I have the Clearasil deep cleansing toner which is really good and I love this but I’m going to try and find a more natural and pure toner. I finished the L’Oreal gentle eye makeup remover which is my favourite makeup remover ever! This is amazing I like using this to pick up any residue from my days makeup after I’ve washed it. Finally I have the St Ives face scrub and I really like this but it’s not my favourite.
These are all my recent empties! What have you finished recently?


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