My Manicure

Hey everyone!!

Happy new year! It's finally 2014 and another year has gone, was it just me or had 2013 gone by really quickly. So today instead of my usual life lately post I wanted to show you something a little different because of course life lately can get a little boring and like I said not everyone wants to read about my life.
But anyway I just wanted to show you my manicure because I wanted to be slightly more glamorous and decided to put on some false nails. The ones I have on are from Primark and they were only £1. I had these on for the new years because they were more festive and remind me of fireworks in the night sky haha!
I’ve got to admit these nails aren’t the best quality and I normally use my own nail glue but at first I did use the glue that came in the set but that wasn't the best and the nails fell off after just a few hours.

Thanks for reading! Are you a fan of false nails or do you prefers painting them? comment below telling me!


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