Lip Tutorial- Ombre Lips


Hey everyone!
So today I wanted to be a little more adventurous and daring and I’ve seen this look been worn by Cher Lloyd in particular and I thought I could recreate this look using really simple items. This look is something I would normally wear because it takes a longer time and I’m a lazy person but I do think this is a lovely look for the character you are being for Halloween or a party or even just for Christmas or new year’s day (even though it’s already passed).

For this tutorial all you need is:

-A white eye liner (I have the MUA eyeliner)
-And a lipstick of any colour (I have the MUA red lipstick in shade 13)

Firstly you want to start up with bare moisturised lips. Next you just want to apply the white liner to the centre of you lips both top and bottom then blend it out using a patting motion which your middle or ring finger.
At this point you might look a little strange but then you want to apply the lipstick with a brush or straight from the bullet and put it focusing on the outside of your lips. Then slowly work into the middle then you want to blend everything together and there you go. You can put a lipgloss over the top but this might blend everything together too much. This lip look, like all others, will properly fade within a couple of hours if you are the type to always rub your lips together like I always do.

I love that look and I would apply less white liner to make the colour less opaque but send me pictures of your recreations on twitter and Instagram using #barelybrandedblog

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