Best Beauty Products Of 2013

Wow this year has seriously gone by fast! But my makeup collection has grown and I’ve tried more beauty products out and so I want to share the best beauty products that I have found this year.
First we should start off with makeup!
So of course my skin has gotten worse as I’m starting to get more blemishes and acne so I’ve found what works best for me is the collection lasting perfection concealers, so I know that you’ve probably heard too much about these but these are pretty amazing they cover just about everything, but I don’t recommend using them as a under eye concealer cause they are way too thick and do crease under my eyes. Another down side is they don’t have the most amazing shade range, I’m somewhere between medium and deep so I can find myself having to mix the two together which can be a bit of a pain. Next I absolutely love the Maybelline fit me concealer because it’s light, so you can use it as an under eye concealer and the coverage is good but not as good as the collection one. There’s also a really good shade range as Maybelline always had a great shade range.
So to set all my face makeup I love the famous Rimmel stay matte, this is just a great, light weight, all-rounder powder but if you have oily skin you might want to find a different one because this isn’t the best at oil controlling.
And to give and nice tan look to my face (especially in the winter) I like to use the NYC smooth skin bronzer in sunny. Again this is very famous and loads of youtubers use and rave about it but I like this for an all over bronzed look because it is too light to contour with.
For blushes this was hard but I finally chose the MUA blushes not only because they are only £1 but because they are really creamy and pigmented and they apply evenly and smoothly on my cheeks.

I’m definitely an eye shadow person but it was really hard to choose an eye shadow or palette that was just an all-rounder. But in the end I picked the MUA undress me too pallet. If you didn’t know this is a dupe for the naked 2 palette from urban decay and it’s a great dupe but I think that this pallet is under rated. The shadows are super creamy and pigmented but of course not as good as urban decay but the main reason I love this so much is because of the shimmery colours as well as mattes ( that aren’t the best pigmented but are still ok).
Next I really like the Collection Killer Curves mascara, this is a dry mascara and I know I’ve raved about it loads here on my blog but I really like it. This is definitely a love or hate mascara but this is really dry mascara which not many people like but I really like it as it gives a natural amount of length and volume.
This is probably no surprise to you but the Rimmel scandal eyes eyeliners these are AMAZING! And I’m not kidding I love the black it’s so smooth and creamy and seriously is waterproof where as for the nude I like as an inner corner highlight or to put on my water line to wake my eyes up but I love this as a base for eye shadow because it will make it stay on all day!
For cream eye shadows I was torn between the Maybelline colour tattoos and these collection shadow pencils which I think are better. They are in stick form so personally I think it’s easier to apply, it’s about half the price, its amazingly pigmented ( more pigmented that the Maybelline colour tattoos) and the staying power is amazing, I swatched these is the shop and after it had set they would not come off! I washed my hands several times with soap and would not budge but I applied it on my eyes and at the end of the day they come off pretty easily with a bit of eye makeup remover or a makeup wipe.

This category was definitely the easiest to pick products from because my definite winners are the Rimmel appocolips and wet n wild lipsticks. These are definitely the most pigmented lip products I have EVER tried! And they last forever without being sticky. And another love are these MUA intense kisses lip glosses that I love putting over lipsticks but the only down side is that the light colours don’t last as long on their own but the deeper reds and pinks are amazing on their own or on top of lipsticks.

Skin care
I use a lot of skin care products and my favourites are: the garnier pure active daily energising gel scrub, I lovvveeee the smell of this and it really wakes up my skin the morning, the garnier soft essentials face wash, I love using this to remove all my makeup at the end of the day, the L’Oreal gentle eye makeup remover, amazing for simply removing any type of makeup!, the simple light moisturise, the best I’ve found it’s not too oily or heavy perfect for day and night and the Clearasil deep cleansing toner (which I think they have renamed but the packaging still looks the same) I use this twice a day all over my face to help prevent more breakouts.
These are my more random favourites but first it’s the simple makeup wipes which are pretty much in all my recent empties posts. The batiste dry shampoo I use this almost every day to give volume to my hair as well as soak up any oils in my hair. And lastly I love the Johnson’s baby shampoo not for my hair but to clean my makeup brushes, it’s really cheap and does a great job of cleaning my brushes but I’m not too sure if I like the smell or not.
So that is it! The Best Beauty Products of 2013! I’m super excited for 2014!


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