What I Got For Christmas 2013

 Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good Christmas and ate lots of turkey and mince pies.
Today I wanted to do the What I Got For Christmas post because I’ve seen it A LOT on YouTube and on beauty blogs.
So from my friends I got two of the same sets because they accidentally bought everyone the same and each other, so I got these body sets that come in cute mesh bags and they include a mini body butter, mini body scrub, mini shower gel as well as a loofa and the bag, I got the scents coconut and mango and these smell amazing. So all my friends got their presents for me from The body shop so these body butters are from the body shop and there are five mini ones and came in a giant lollipop.  From my secret Santa they gave me a LYNX set which is limited edition so if you want it I suggest getting your hands on it soon as they will probably go some time soon. Anyway I got this set which includes a body spray and shower gel which smell AMAZING it’s not sweet nor floral but its feminine with a tiny bit of flowers ( as you can tell I’m terrible and explaining scents).
Then from my family I got a mini travel size set from simple and inside it has a toner, facial wash and moisturiser which is my all-time favourite moisturiser. Then from my aunt I got a Charlie body spray set which had the pink and shimmer body sprays as well as a Revlon nail polish! I also received this big nail kit from seventeen and it includes 5 nail polishes, nail wrap and a sticker, nails gems and loads more! As well as that I also got gift cards for house of fraser (to buy makeup) and H&M. My parents got me some things online but they haven’t arrived yet because the delivery went a little slower than usual because of Christmas. But I got the Benefit Groovy kinda love set.


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