Urban Outfitters Nail Polish Review

Recently I went shopping in urban outfitters and picked up this nail polish. It’s called ‘Tarot’ and is a deep purple almost black with loads of sparkles of blue, purple and silver. I love this nail polish even though I don’t normally wear dark nail colours.
The nail polish is really opaque and the pigmentation is amazing! I really love this nail polish and it’s originally £6 for one bottle which isn’t bad as you get 8ml and there is normally an offer for 2 for £10.
I really love this packaging because its big sleek and feels more luxurious than some other nail polishes that are this price.
I would really recommend this nail polish to anyone but I think it would suit you older viewers as it is quite mature. I really like this nail polish as its long lasting and I love the colour, I can’t wait to try out more! Have u tried any nail polishes from urban outfitters?


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