Life Lately

I still cant believe it's just a wee 'till Xmas! to me it really doesn't feel like it it might be because its not cold enough (not that I'm complaining) 
Wow this week has been busy! on Friday i had rehearsal for a ballet show my dance school was having, then on Saturday and Sunday I pretty much spent the whole days there so of course I didn't get much homework done. :(
But yesterday (Tuesday 17th  I went to London for a school trip! we went to pineapple studios and had a choreographer/teacher (who choreographed one directions 'kiss you' and 'best song ever' music videos, she even went on tour with them) that taught us a really cool hip hop type class. I really loved it and it was totally worth it! It was really fun, especially as I with my friends. Then we had a quick wonder around Covent Garden, which look amazing with the Christmas lights up and they even had a huge hedge shaped as Rudolph the red nose reindeer! After that we went to see Charlie and the chocolate factory the musical, it was good but i expected better so that was a bit of a disappointment. :( We finally went home but by the time i got back to my house it was past midnight and i had to shower, eat and get ready for the next day of school so i ended up only getting about 4 hours of sleep. 
But thankfully today was my last before we break up for the Xmas holiday  plus it was only a half day.

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