What’s in my carry on

Recently I went to Italy and to get there I took a 2 hour plane journey. This blog post will hopefully help you to decide what you should take the next time you travel. I used my navy blue tote bag from Tommy Hilfiger because it was big and had a lot of pockets inside.
So firstly I took the most important items:
·         *Passport (if you are traveling out of the country)
·         *Travel documents
·         *Money
·         *Phone
Then to keep me entertained during the journey:
·        * IPod (and headphones)
·         *Magazines
Beauty items:
·        * Concealer
·        * Lip balm
·         *Any other makeup (but I didn’t wear much makeup during the journey to give my skin a break)
·         *mirror
Other items:
·         *Sweets and gum
·         *Hand sanitizer ( I’m a complete germ freak)
·         *Hand cream (my skin always gets dry during flights)
·        * Hair bands
·         *Plasters
·         *Tissues
·         *Pads (you never know girls! Best be prepare if the worst comes)

I hope this helped you to get an idea of what you need to take. Obviously you don’t have to take the things I’m taking this is just what I needed. Thanks for reading!


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