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You might be expecting an October empties as well as an October favourites but I found that I just don’t have enough empties for this month so I have come up with an idea. So I will do an empties every other month and between that I will do a favourites. Do u get it? So one month it will be empties then the next month it will be favourites and they won’t be called monthly anymore but recent empties or recent must haves. Enough rambling let’s get on to the must haves!
Recently I’ve been totally lazy with removing my makeup and I still haven’t found any good face washes, do you know any good ones? Comment below!  So I’ve just been using the simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes, these are so great they remove ALL my makeup with one wipe, yep one single wipe! Normally I would have to use two but they are unfragranced and don’t irritate the eyes. As well as that they are really gentle and I’ve notice with most makeup wipes they leave a weird oily residue that I absolutely hate and end up washing my face anyway, however these wipes don’t do that!
So for makeup I’ve been loving the Maybelline dream BB cream I love this but it does have a weird smell, look out for a review on that its coming soon! Also I bought the Maybelline fit me concealer as I didn’t have a good light concealer, I’ve tried the collection 2000 concealer but the medium shade is too light and deep is too dark L. So I read some reviews online and this concealer came up A LOT so I decided to give it a go, it’s amazing! Light weight great coverage and easy to blend! Do u want a review on this? Comment below! And lastly for makeup I’ve been loving the wet n wild lipsticks, I don’t know the exact name for this line but it has a black base and a clear lid I have the shade 965 cherry picking a deep pink almost red, this is a super long wearing lipstick it lasts almost all day without smudging it’s really cheap too but sadly you cannot buy it here in the UK and is only available in America and some other countries but I’m sure you can find this on eBay or online!
For skincare I love the clean and clear morning energy face wash, this is great I use it every morning now and it really freshens my face before I put makeup on.
I have been loving the tresemme touchable finish hairspray this is a classic favourite for me and I always find myself going back to this or the L’Oreal ellenet hairspray.
My skin has been very dry recently especially my legs I I’ve been using the Victoria’s secret forever blushing body lotion, first I just want to say how amazing does this smell! It’s a fresh floral scent but not too overpowering so I can still wear perfume while I have this on. It absorbs into my skin easily and quickly and is really gentle yet effective. I definitely recommend this but I don’t know if it is worth the money I hear its about £10-£12 here in the UK but I know in America its around $18.

Next up is fashion I have been loving gold love and hearts jewellery and especially these from forever 21 this necklace says love and is super adorable! I got it recently and I’m sure it’s still in stores. This ring though is from forever 21 in the USA and I got it in the summer so I doubt it will still be in storesL.
And lastly entertainment I have been loving one directions new song story of my life, Ariana Grande baby I and almost is never enough and also Connor Maynard r u crazy (but the original and the swing version). 
And for books I have read The Hunger Games Catching Fire in preparation for the film coming this November! Who’s excited here?! Because I totally am I really recommend reading the book before you watch the film as it will explain all the back ground info and everything!


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