Recent empties

Recently I’ve been trying to use up my samples and bath and body products because I find that I just have too many and that they just seem to take up too much space in my beauty shelves.
So recently I’ve finished three packs of makeup wipes, yes three! I’ve been experimenting with different looks for the festive season because I wanted to change up my makeup look, so I’ve been using the simple gentle makeup wipes and OMG can I just say these are amazing. I think I mentioned them in my last recent empties but they are amazing defo the best makeup wipes from the drugstore I’ve found so far! As for the Johnson’s face care, these are ok I guess they remove my makeup and leave a really nice fresh sweet scent which I love but it also leaves behind a horrible oily substance that I just hate so I won’t be repurchasing them unless I really have to.
Next I have the raspberry kiss body scrub from the treacle moon, I loved the shower gel from this collection, I got them for a gift as well as body butter and I really like the scent. It’s kind of strong but smells really nice. I want to repurchase the shower gel but this body scrub is just not good enough for me. It does the job but doesn’t exfoliate as well as I want.
As we are talking about body scrubs I’ve finished using my mini sized soap and glory body scrub. I can’t find the exact name but I don’t think they sell it in boots anymore. The scent was great, very mature, and it really did exfoliate well! I loved it too bad they don’t sell it anymore though. L
I’ve also used up my Vaseline aloe fresh body lotion. I love the Vaseline body lotions, they dry and absorb into my skin really quickly and it’s light but also deeply moisturises my skin. Although I don’t love this scent I'm sure I will be getting this in a different scent.
So recently I’ve just finished the Nivea daily essentials oil free moisturising day cream. I like this but it’s not as good at my simple gentle moisturiser which is my all time holy grail product! Although I don’t think I will be repurchasing this again I like that its oil free.
Like I said I’ve been trying to use up some samples and I’ve finished the Rimmel stay matte foundation in 100 ivory. I got this in boots health and beauty magazine for free recently and I’ve finally got round to trying it out. Although the colour they gave me was way to light for me the actual foundation isn’t too bad, I’ve got to admit there are better foundations out there for roughly the same price. It does stay matte for a very long time before I had to top it up with power which was great but for someone with normal to dry skin this can make you look terrible I recommend this for people with pretty oily skin. I wouldn’t repurchase this myself but I would definitely recommend this if you have oily skin.
Lastly I’ve finally decided to toss out my collection killer cures mascara which is my al time favourite mascara. I love this it is a very dry mascara which I prefer as it doesn’t smudge. This gives a really natural look perfect for school and I’ve already repurchased it!
See you next week with another Xmas post!

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