Revlon lip butter

When I last went to Superdrug I got the new Revlon lip butter but in one of their new shades. I picked up sorbet (053) a bright and hot pink.
The first time I tried the lip butter it chipped and a small lump came off, I’m pretty sure it’s just I got a bad one or I may have scraped the lid on the product but I was a little upset. The colour was good but there wasn’t enough coverage as I hoped there would be. The lip butter has a lovely shine and is really wearable natural everyday look.

The packaging was something that I really like and is very different to some of my other lipsticks. The quilted lid has a really classy touch to it. I also love that the lid is the colour of the lipstick as if you own lots of these lip butters it would be easy to pick the right colour(unlike the mac lipsticks).
I was also disappointed as when I twisted the product right up to the top I found out I was totally ripped off! And that I only got the tinniest amount of product!  Although love the packaging and the actual product the price compared to the amount of product you get is just not worth it. I will not be buying any more of these lip butters simply because they are overpriced but I really like the actual lip butter.


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