Victoria’s secret haul!

When I was in America I went to the shopping at the premier outlet mall. They had loads of shops but I went crazy in Victoria’s secret everything was so cheap!

Almost everything had at least 50% off the normal price. So I got lots of body sprays for me and my friends as gifts but the ones here are mine.
Pink- make it shine, body mist. (250 ml)
Normally: $18. Got it for: $4.50. (75% off)
This Smells amazing. Its fresh, sweet and floral with hints of vanilla. Perfect for school or in the summer, not too heavy and perfect for everyone!

Pink- pretty and pure, all-over body mist. (250 ml)

Normally: $18. Got it for: $4.50. (75% off)
Not what I usually go for and not one of my favourites but still smells great! It’s fresh and very sweet. Not that heavy but still noticeable.

Starlit Wish
Victoria’s secret- starlit wish, fragrance mist. (250 ml)
Normally: $14. Got it for: $3.50. (75% off)
Its rich vanilla and velvet plum. This is one of my favourites! Really girly and sweet but also mature.
Great for a casual/formal events like BBQ s and when you’re out for dinner.         

Body Mist In Shea Essence
Victoria’s secret- body mist with Shea essence (luxurious kiss 01), body mist ( 250 ml)
Normally: $14. Got it for: $3.50. (75% off)
Its sandalwood and black plum. I can’t explain how great this smells, another one of my new favourites. Its really fresh and sweet which is scents I love! Really light and fresh not heavy at all. Perfect for wearing it in the spring and summer!
Great for an everyday body mist.

Secret Craving
Victoria’s secret- secret craving, fragrance mist. (60 ml)
Normally: $4. Got it for $1 (75% off)
Its black currant and vanilla absolute, and is more of an evening dressed up scent. Its slightly musky but I still love it! This is a small travel size and is super handy for when you’re at school or even just out and about!
Love it for evenings out or for events in the autumn and winter.

Victoria's secret – forever blushing, hydrating body lotion. ( 250 ml)
Normally $12. Got it for: $3 ( 75% off)
Its pear blossom and sheer lily. This is a really good moisturise and the smell is amazing. But it’s a product I don’t want to use because it is so amazing, so this is great for when you aren't wearing any perfume or body spray. Wear this alone on your arms or neck and you will smell great while still being moisturised.

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