Maybelline Baby Lips

I was recently on holiday in Florida U.S.A and was in Walgreens, a local drugstore in America, and picked up the Maybelline baby lips. I had heard of these lip products before but have never had the chance to pick them up as they don’t sell them here in the UK.
 Maybelline claimed that the product would make my lips smoother, suppler and better looking as well as more moisturised. I tried them as soon as I got home from purchasing them.
First I tried the shade cherry me, a rich red shade which was not normally what I go for, but as the other pink (pink punch) looked very light for my natural lip colour so I decided to pick up a cherry red. ‘Cherry me’ smelt exactly like cherries and reminds me of the Nivea cherry lip balm (that they I think have discontinued) only not as strong. The colour was very sheer but I didn’t expect much from a tinted lip balm and I really enjoyed wearing it in Florida as the heat and humidity never put me in the mood for wearing something bright or bold. Although it did moisturise my lips quite well but it’s not as good as my Nivea essential care lip balm, but it did do well for adding a little moisture to my horrible, dry and flaky lips. The colour of this shade is gorgeous and is a very wearable red but it is brighter that how it looks in the packet.
Secondly I tried one from their new ‘neon’ line. When I went into Walgreens I first saw the green and purple ones and was just shocked, but I chose of course the pink. The shade I got was ‘pink shock’ and is more of a darker but still a bright pink. This is my signature colour as I don’t like wearing browns, corals and not so much reds. This lip balm did the same as ‘cherry me’ but was much more pigmented. My lips resulted in more colour. Although I’ve used ‘cherry me’ more because I bought it first ‘pink shock’ is my favourite of the two because of the colour and amount of pigmentation.
swatches: top-cherry me
bottom- pink shock.
The packaging, I feel, is great, I love the clear lid that says baby lips and I think it’s really adorable and much different from your standard drugstore lip balm. I also really love how it is a twist up lip balm and not pot form as I hate dipping my bacteria covered fingers in to oily substances especially if it’s a tinted lip balm as it always makes my hands pink or red.
I bought them for around $4-5 so around £3 here in the UK. But sadly when I got back to England I saw that they have started to sell them in stores lip Superdrug and boots and was happy but saw that they were £2.99 and 3 for 2! So of course I got a little upset, but they didn’t sell ‘pink shock’ so that made me feel a little better.
I would definitely recommend this product to everyone but mainly girls my age so 11-18 because it’s great for school as it isn’t as obvious as a lip stick but it still adds more colour than a regular lip balm. This is a product that I will be repurchasing in more colours for sure because they are really cheap and you get a lot of good quality product for your money!
You can go to:
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